Make sure you have an emergency plan in place.
We'll help you stay ahead of the curve with innovative loss prevention and data breach recovery tools.
Cyber Risk insurance
Risks of corporate and personal data leakage, business interruption, cyber extortion and more
Our end-to-end cyber risk management solution provides access to tools, products and resources from the world's leading companies specializing in cybersecurity and cybercrime investigations, data breaches, legal advice and crisis PR.
Business interruption, property damage, manufacturer's liability and bodily injury
Cyber risk insurance will help provide initial financial support and assistance in organizing the necessary measures if a cyber-attack results in damage to company property, business interruption, injury to customers or other third parties, and damage to third party property. Additional coverage for bodily injury, property damage and financial loss is also available through the Cyber Risk Insurance Program.
Protection of personal information
Get professional, 24/7 financial assistance for employees, clients and their families affected by identity theft.
Cyber risk insurance. Data Leak Protection
Issues of responsibility for personal data, protection of confidential information and personal data on the Internet today are more acute than ever. Any company that processes electronic personal data on a daily basis through the use of portable devices, computers, servers, Internet resources is at risk of cyber-attacks. The consequences of cyberattacks, such as leaking data from your servers, can be very significant. Therefore, today it is necessary to pay the main attention to the protection of personal data information systems from cyber-attacks, from hacking networks.

Cyber ​​risks can be different: from the loss of information on one laptop to cyber-attacks associated with the operation of computing systems. Companies also face problems such as information systems crashing, or website being hacked.

Loss or leakage of personal data may lead to liability for the disclosure of personal data, namely to fines, and thereby damage the company's reputation. Hacker attacks can cause server shutdowns, loss of trust in the company and loss of profits. That is why, in order to protect against data leaks, information risk insurance is now necessary for any company whose work is directly related to the processing of electronic data.
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