Why do board members and senior management need D&O insurance?
The board of directors, the executive body of management and the top management of any company, regardless of its size and type of activity, bear great responsibility for their actions in an effort to justify the trust placed in them. It is not uncommon for managers to be confronted with claims regarding actual and alleged breaches of duty, negligence, misrepresentation, errors and omissions.
Protecting your company's top management
Directors & Officers Insurance
Joint responsibility
Directors and top managers are jointly and severally liable, and a mistake on the part of one of them can have financial and immediate personal consequences for the rest, even if they acted within the law.
Facilitating the investigation process
The number of inspections and claims from supervisory authorities is constantly growing. Today, more and more attention is paid to medium-sized companies and small businesses. Legal advice from an expert can significantly help and prevent serious consequences, even if the head of the third-party claim has not yet come under investigation.
Personal and professional responsibility
Litigation against a company and its management often involves a high degree of personal responsibility. And given the potential fines, which range from hefty sums to suspension from office and imprisonment, the need for an immediate and effective response to any threats becomes abundantly clear.

Protection that reacts to external factors
We protect our clients from new and emerging risks by regularly improving our coverage. You can count on the experience of our settlement specialists with the capabilities of our worldwide network.
Comprehensive legal protection
Investigations and court cases are time-consuming and extremely expensive. D&O coverage provides policyholders with the highest quality legal protection and assistance as soon as a case is initiated.
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